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            Surplus Military Rifle Stock Treatment


                Drawing on twenty years of experience Ghost Army brings you our Composition C

                          Surplus Military Rifle Stock Treatment. 

                            Or more simply known as “Boomstick Butter”. 

  Military surplus rifle collecting is one of the most enjoyable and profitable hobbies you can participate in. Often the weapons you find can use a little cleaning or restoration.  Replicating the process used by many arsenals, our product creates the finish applied to rifles at the time of their production.

BSB 4 Ounce Can.jpg

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BSB 8 Ounce Can.jpg

  4 oz.

4 Ounce can is large enough to treat one rifle, or several smaller items such as pistol grips, bayonet handles, etc. You apply the wax several times to achieve your desired level of luster, and can even be applied to metal as rust preventative.

  8 oz.

The 8 ounce sized can will treat several full sized rifles. It is possible to add multiple layers to achieve a higher grade of luster. The wax can be left on metal parts as well in order to prevent rust.

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