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All Firearm Transfers will be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder (FFL) only- no exception 


Our outgoing transfer fee is just $25 plus the cost for shipping.  Handguns are shipped USPS Priority mail with signature required at delivery.   Long guns are shipped UPS ground.  Alternate shipping options available if requested.
Shipping Fees vary by shipper, destination, dimension, and weight


​If you do not have a cardboard box and packing supplies to fit your gun we will pack your firearm for you.


If you are prepacking your outgoing transfer please do not seal the box.  We will need to confirm the firearm serial number(s) and add our FFL.


Before we ship the firearm, we will need a copy of your unexpired State issued ID.  When you bring in the item for transfer we will email the license holder to obtain their FFL and confirm that they are accepting transfers.   Please note that we will not ship out items without receiving confirmation (even if you provide us their FFL).

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