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Procedures for Incoming Transfers
If a firearm is purchased online or from another individual and you would like Ghost Army to handle the incoming transfer, please follow these steps to avoid any delays

  • Purchase and pay for the firearm directly to the other Dealer or Individual.

  • Provide the person shipping the firearm to Ghost Army our email address,,  if they do not have our FFL on file.  Upon receipt of email from them we will email them our FFL and any other necessary paperwork.

  • Ensure that the person shipping the firearm includes either a copy of their Federal Firearms License (FFL) with the shipment OR, if the person is not a dealer, a copy of the sellers unexpired State-issued Driver’s License or unexpired State issued ID Card.  Additionally, they must include your contact information so we can call you when the firearm(s) arrive. NOTE: If the seller does not provide their ID or FFL with the firearm, we cannot transfer the firearm to you and you will need to follow-up with the shipper to get this information.  

  • NOTE: We will notify you when the firearm has arrived and is ready for pick up if a contact number is provided with the gun.  Please be sure to include your phone number with your order so that we can notify you. 

FOR ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY= bring your Military ID and Military PCS Orders (to a Virginia Base) and we can treat you like a VA resident and you can buy handguns and long guns - regardless of what state ID you have!  

Background Checks

Background Checks are performed at the time the firearms are to be picked up.  Only the person for which the firearm was originally sent to can complete the transfer.  If someone fails a background the check, the firearm will be returned to the FFL that transferred the firearm to us only after we have received payment for the transfer and shipping fees.


Returned or Cancelled Transfers Customer (intended recipient) is responsible for all return shipping charges should they wish to cancel and return a firearm to a seller. Customer (intended recipient) will also pay a $25 fee.


Abandoned Inbound Transfers

Firearms transferred to Ghost Army  are considered abandoned if not picked up within 30 calendar days from the date the firearm was received by Ghost Army unless other arrangements were made, and agreed to by Ghost Army. If we are unable to contact you by phone, (e.g. Shipper does not provide a contact number, you have changed your number, or you have a voicemail that has not been set-up, or we do not have correct number), then it is your responsibility to come in and collect your firearm(s) within 30-calendar days, pay any applicable storage fees, and have the firearm(s) transferred into your name. To avoid potential straw purchases, only the sender of a firearm can change the name of the person who will receive the gun. Please be sure to account for all pistol concealed carry permit application delays. Abandoned firearms will be disposed of for the previously anticipated cost of transfer and any accrued storage fees.  All monies collected from the sale of an abandoned and sold firearm shall belong to Ghost Army and the intended recipient of such firearm shall not have any recourse against Ghost Army, its owners, agents, or successors. 


By having a gun(s) shipped to Ghost Army for transfer, you agree to these terms in their entirety. 

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