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Ghost Army  is unique among stores. We are a family owned business that has a long and proud history of having been in existence since 2001. We as a company have adapted our focus many times to suit market trends, needs of customers and the laws of the Commonwealth. Our storefront location has retail, a service center and a small museum.


Currently we specialize in providing FFL transfers and storage, firearms and accessory sales, and our pride and joy, the firearms coating and service department. The service department specializes in everything from minor cleanings and repairs to depot level maintenance and restoration. With over 20 years of firearms experience we pride ourselves on our customer service and expertise in restoration of both military and sporting firearms.


We offer a friendly, low stress and highly immersive environment that has no equal.  Our goal is to educate on many different levels.  







We chose the name Ghost Army because of the unique qualities that made up the 23rd Headquarters Special Troop.  They were specialists, individualists, and artists.  Men who may not have been the first picked for a sports team but who wanted to serve their country using their incredibly unique set of talents.  They would use these talents to adapt and change situations on the battlefield to provide a tactical advantage for the Allied Forces.


From the beginning that has been the primary goal of Ghost Army.  We have tried to never lose sight of who our customers are and what their needs may be.  We have worn many different patches over the years and have adapted to meet the needs of our customers, as well as circumstances of the business battlefield.  Now a far cry from where we were over a decade ago when our company started and sold military surplus, we find ourselves changing yet again.  However our vision is still the same.  Our goal is to work with the customer and provide the best service possible. 



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